Goodbye Robbie, Thank you For the Memories

I guess we are all resigned to the fact that Berbatov is not going to be a Spurs player next season. Most of us have known this for several months, however much we have convinced ourselves to believe otherwise. However, in Robbie Keane we had a player who had found his home at White Hart Lane after years of switching clubs in the early stages of his career. When he joined Spurs in 2002, his 5th club, I’m sure many thought we were just another stepping stone on his path to success. He had shown enough glimpses of his talent to warrant a £7m pricetag at Leeds but he was yet to show the world just how good he could be.

Keane is one of those players who thrives on having a good strike partner. He couldn’t play in a 4-5-1 because that is not his style of play. Put him alongside a capable striker and he has the ability and سرمایه گذاری مدیریت ثروت لیورپول speed of mind to not only make himself better, but to make his strike partner better. His 6 years at Spurs have seen various strikers come and go – Sheringham, Kanoute, Defoe – but his pairing with Berbatov was arguably the best in the division for a couple of seasons. Maybe if Berbatov was staying Keane’s head wouldn’t be turned at the thought of teaming up with Torres at Liverpool.

Having signed a long term contract, Keane was the last player I expected to leave the Lane this transfer window. Who knows, he may still be here but my hopes have been significantly dashed since Levy’s comments yesterday. The sheer joy and emotion displayed by the Irishman after the Carling Cup success was enough to convince fans worldwide that Spurs was where his heart is, that he was a rare breed amongst the modern day footballer – someone with loyalty, pride and passion. Apparently not though. He seems to be yet another typical footballer, the money has come calling and he is looking more and more likely to be off.

However, as much as I try to hate him, try to be disappointed by all of this, I can’t. He has been fantastic for Spurs, never given less than 100%, has enjoyed his stay at Spurs and I am sure Spurs will always be a special club to him, a club whose results he looks out for when he is an old man with his pipe and slippers. He is a respectful player too, never celebrating goals against previous clubs, so i hope Spurs fans see past the fact he is moving and give him the respect he deserves when he returns to the Lane as a Liverpool player. He’s given us some wonderful memories, has written his name in Tottenham record books and has captained the team admirably in King’s absence.

There is no doubt we will miss him more than we have missed any other player in the last decade. He is incredibly underrated. Not only does he score goals, he creates goals, he adds passion and desire to the team and he gives 100%, regardless of the opposition. We will not be able to replace him and will struggle next season. His imminent departure is enough for me to expect nothing more than 9th place at best next season.

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